Your Chromebook may finally be a real gaming machine soon

Your Chromebook may finally be a real gaming machine soon

Demand for affordable, dependable PCs has never been higher as much of the world still reels from pandemic fallout, including chip shortages everywhere. Chromebooks have proven to be a winning formula that helped Google’s platform get a leg up over Windows and macOS. As sales continues to shatter volume records, publishers are teaming up with Google to include their products in its thriving ecosystem, including one of the biggest gaming platforms around.

Unity recently announced its partnership with Google, with plans to bring tools to its game engine for improving Android gaming on Chrome OS. With the recent surge in Chromebook sales, Unity saw a great opportunity to expand mobile games to a wider audience. Popular Android games running Unity’s engine include Pokemon GO and Crash Bandicoot: On the Run — both top-ten downloads in the United States.

Enabling support for Chrome OS is as simple as checking a box.

With Unity 2021.2 Beta available today, developers can take advantage of a wide selection of features to optimize their games on a Chromebook. Among the improvements include offering game developers solutions to the problematic keyboard, mouse, and window management on Chrome OS. Unity’s engine also compiles games for 64-bit Chromebooks, including ARM, to ensure the best gaming performance possible for players. Unity plans on implementing these improvements into Unity 2020 LTS by the end of this year.

With Unity’s partnership in Google’s arsenal, Chrome OS has a shot at become a more appealing platform for publishers to develop games on. The move has the potential to shake up the gaming industry as developers can take advantage of Google’s explosive year-on-year growth. As more users opt for Chromebooks, Chrome OS could further establish itself as a one-size-fits-all platform, making it a better choice for everyone.

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