Winners and Losers: One UI 4.0 approved and your Christmas present compromised

While the best of the week is basically the good reception of Samsung’s new Android 12-based interface, the worst deserves a little more attention. On Wednesday, my colleague Benjamin Lucks touched on an important topic for late 2021: The shortage of electronics parts in the global market. And that’s our pick for the loser’s side of the last few and coming days.

But before we talk about the central theme of this article, I share below five highlights from NextPit‘s coverage of the past week:

Winner of the Week: One UI 4.0 looks good

The fact that Microsoft announced this week that it contained the largest DDoS attack in recent times was really relevant, but in this Sunday’s column I decided to bring Samsung’s Android 12-based interface as NextPit’s big highlight in recent days.

After releasing the second beta of One UI 4.0, we saw that the South Korean electronics giant has adopted Google’s Dynamic Theme on the Galaxy line operating system. And the NextPit community responded quite positively to Samsung’s Material You retread:

[…] Samsung’s interface has evolved a lot. Nice to see that in addition to new features are accelerating well the delivery of Android 12.

Soterio Sales, NextPit Brazil

Color theme
The One UI 4.0 based on Android 12 brings the dynamic theme to Galaxy smartphones / © NextPit

Our test of Samsung’s Color Theme was the most read article across all NextPit domains in the week, and from the comments, the development of One UI 4.0 seems to be on the right track, leaving the system even more mature according to our community.

I thought it was a good evolution, even if the current interface suits me perfectly. Can’t wait to see what it looks like in real life.

steve neo, NextPit France

One UI is easily the best of all Android manufacturers in my opinion.

Moritz Deussl, NextPit Germany

To check out what changes to Samsung’s interface as Android 12, check out these 20 screenshots showing the integration of wallpaper colors from mobile to the operating system and other native apps on the Samsung Galaxy S21+.

Loser of the Week: Your Christmas present could be in jeopardy

Chip shortages have already affected production of the new iPhone 13… Chip giant TSMC has announced the construction of a chip factory in Japan but it won’t go live until late 2024…Shipping prices skyrocket because of the pandemic

Lately, we have seen a number of headlines warning of component shortages in the electronics market worldwide. With key e-commerce dates like Black Friday and Christmas approaching, the situation gets even worse.

Considering this scenario, in Wednesday’s editorial, my colleague Benjamin Lucks described some of the main reasons for the parts crisis in the market and reported on how smartphone manufacturers like HMD Global and Samsung are preparing to deal with the current fluctuations in the semiconductor market.

And the worst of this crisis is yet to come, because with the lack of parts, we also have the rise in prices of electronics. It’s the old law of supply and demand: if sellers have little inventory, there’s no need for big offers, because people tend to buy everything anyway – anyone who tried to buy a next-generation console or PC graphics card last year felt it.

By the way, this is also the theme of our poll this week, so get involved!

NextPit Weihnachtsgeschenke
If you don’t get on schedule, you might miss out on the chance to gift someone in 2021 / © NextPit

And that concludes this Sunday’s column! So, what did you think of this week’s choices? Share your thoughts in the comments of this article.

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