Why every phone include have WarpCharge++ feature when produced.

I have a very solid argument on way WarpCharge++ should be an "ACCESSIBILITY" feature on every single 2022 smartphone! also HAPPY NEW YEARS!.

So, im not talking about the charger being shipped in the box etc like OnePLus or the Vivo iQOO 7.

However, every new smartphone should have this phone when being released ATLEAST THE flagships why?

Because, how many times have you mistankenly not used enough force to to thrust it in during bed, or something snags it just a little, you don't realize, and someone could've been calling you in an emergency situation….

Now in a situation like that you should have two chargers.

  1. Normal brick that doesn't effect battery life
  2. 2.WarpCharge++ brick that can negatively effect

In that situation you'd swap chargers and go to zero to 60% in 5 mins, then drive to the hospital for your wife in labor (Your pregnant wife had a girls night to celebrate, you had a guys night to celebrate. You are slightly hung over but you DO NOT WANT TO MISS YOUR BABY BEING BORN.

Also do not attack me this Is 1 scenario others can be fires when other things fail etc etc.

Ze point es, we do not depend on warp++ for everyday usage just for situations when we know we need to be careful?

I also feel that this should not be a feature that should be revered exclusively to OnePlus++

Again, Happy New Year everyone! Comments, questions, recommendations, suggestions, opinions?


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