Which Flat Display (No Curve) Smartphones are Worth Upgrading to?

Hey all! 🙂 Thanks in advance for any advice provided.

I currently have a OnePlus 7T, which I've thoroughly enjoyed using for 2 years. I'm considering getting a new Android phone now though.

I'm specifically looking for something at least as powerful as my current phone (CPU, GPU, RAM, etc.)

The improvements could be as subtle as faster charging, a slightly larger screen, slightly better camera, higher refresh rate (something with 120 Hz would be awesome), and so on.

Two definite requirements though:

  • Flat display. No curves. I don't like how they feel. They're more susceptible to breakage when dropped. Screen protectors are harder to apply. I don't have time for accidental touches. I love my current flat screen.
  • Telephoto lens. I'd like a real telephoto camera. Current phone has a 2x optical lens. Something like 3x or more would be awesome.

So, in summary, does anyone know of a mid to high range or flagship phone that has 120 Hz, telephoto lens, and a flat display?

S21 Plus comes to mind. However, that's not a huge upgrade over my current phone, as far as I can tell. Any other options?

I'm open to all brands. 🙂

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