What’s the hump on my phone?

Phone: Xiaomi poco F1

Recently, I've noticed a hump on back of my phone. It may have been there for long time but I just saw it recently.

Today my battery drained really fast 97% to 13% in 4 hours or so. I was sleepy so I might have left screen on accidentally. But first thing I did was remove back cover to check if I had a bloated battery, that's when I saw the hump, it's bottom right to camera it's small. I've also downloaded few apps and checked my battery health. Surprisingly my battery is performing more than fine. It's giving 6000mAh worth of capacity (idk how it works but according to app, my battery is healthy and outperforming many 4000mAh battery, based on 1 session )

The temp is usually 46-48 during gaming sessions but ideally it's 36-38 C. So as of now battery is performing somewhat okay. it used to give me 10-12 hours of battery backup(when my cousin changed few settings) now it gives me 4-6 hours of on screen time, and 6-8 hours of battery backup. I got my phone in 2019.

I'm not even sure if it's a hump or anything faulty in cover or case, I'm not even sure if it's bloated battery or not. Phones working excellent, it's just now that battery incident happened and I saw that hump, I'm getting paranoid.

Can I diagnose it with something without having to open up the phone or going to service center? I'm bit busy these few days.

I can't take photo of hump as of now, but it similar to this one, just location is bit left(this is on extreme end but mine is bit center) https://i.redd.it/unrne6kr2hm31.jpg

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