What are some way to simplify and make smartphones more usefull for senior citizens or non-tech savy?

Smartphones today are very usefull tools when used right, but sometimes they have so much extra stuff or wierd designs that not everybody can use them the best way.

I've helped some family members set up their phones and had to remove or disable a lot of bloatware, obsolete or redundant apps just so the phone can be comfortable to use.

I would like to take this a step further with maybe checking some things that could help, like setting up emergency calls with one button or ways to use without touching it, connecting it with smarthome devices in a more efficient way.

There is an app called "Big Launcher" that makes buttons big and easier to use, I use one based on windows 8 which is similar but with more detail. I think Big is better for people who don't need to many bells and whistles. Do you guys have any other recomendations?

Also, any suggestions for use in emergencies? Is there a way to have sort of panic button just from the software or do they have to be downloaded as an app?

Sometimes I think phones are just used for very simple things but have too much unnecesary stuff. I appreciate any comments on how to simplify and make things easing

Thanks in advance and hope you have a great day.

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