Weekend poll: Do you have a Chromebook?

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We’re doing a lot of things these days that we wouldn’t have anticipated just a few years ago. For many, that includes working and schooling from home, and the last year has seen a boom in the sale of Chromebooks. So, this week it’s time for a (slightly tweaked) poll from the archives to see how times have changed. Do you have a Chromebook?

You might be surprised to hear at least one of us here at Android Police does their entire job — writing, photos, editing, the whole blogging shebang — from a Chromebook. I know, we’re known to be masochists, but I’m told it’s not a bad experience. While it’s been a while since I tried my complete workflow from the confines of a Chrome OS-powered laptop, given the uptick in features over the years and the fact that I know I can do my whole job (more slowly) from a phone, I can believe it.

My opinion doesn’t really enter into it, though. From what I hear, a lot of people these days are using Chromebooks for remote education or as cheap work-from-home machines, and the reason is clear: They’re very affordable. Netbooks may be dead, but they live on, in a way, with Chromebooks.

Back in 2018, it sounded like a very slight majority of our readers had one — or, at least, used one regularly. It won’t be a direct comparison, but I’d like to know how many of you own have now in 2021.

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