Totallee cases for Samsung Galaxy S21 series: Sleek, minimalist scratch protection

The Samsung Galaxy S21 5G and S21 Ultra 5G were available for buyers yesterday. The folks at Totallee were ready on launch day and sent a couple of cases to test out.

Totallee offers two color/material options for all three new Galaxy S21 models. You can select a matte finish case in black and a transparent (clear) option. I tried out the matte black one on the S21 Ultra and the transparent one on the S21.

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The Totallee cases are available now for $39. This price seems a bit high given that the cases are designed to be ultra thin and provide scratch protection with minor drop support. I thoroughly enjoyed these cases in the past on glossy glass phones but the S21 phones now have matte finishes with the S21 and S21 Plus having plastic back panels. The elegance of the Totallee case is its simplicity with no branding anywhere, super thin design (0.02 inch), light weight (0.1 ounce), and ability to add just enough to offer some protection.

The case protects the back from scratches and does have edge protection that may help with minor bumps. There is a slight raised edge around the rear camera opening with the edges around the phone rising just above the front to help protect the display when you set it face down on a table.

The case works flawlessly with payment systems, wireless charging, and reverse wireless charging. The cases fit very tightly, but these S21 versions are easier to install and remove than previous versions I tested on other phones.

The matte black case is made of polypropylene material and perfectly matches the matte black of the S21 series. You can barely tell the case is on the phone with zero impact on pocketability, but there is some edge protection and the entire back is covered. There is also a form fitting edge around the camera array so there is some protection provided for the cameras too.

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The transparent case has more of a glossy, gel feel to it (its made of TPU) while the matte cases are constructed of stiffer plastic material. The transparent case also has slightly thicker material, but it also fully shows off the color and style of your Galaxy S21. If you have one of the Phantom colors, other than black, then you may prefer to have the transparent case to display the color of your phone. I’m testing a Phantom Violet S21 so that purple color and the rose gold edges look great.

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