This phone has a Snapdragon 888, costs $600, and will run circles around the competition (Sponsored)

RedMagic is known for pushing the bar when it comes to packing flagship-grade mobile gaming performance into an affordable package, releasing memorable devices like the first smartphone with an active cooling fan and the world’s first phone with a 144Hz display. For 2021, the company is taking its gaming phone chops up another notch with the brand new RedMagic 6 Series.

The RedMagic 6 Series comes loaded with flagship specs that would make any smartphone aficionado drool. In addition to a Snapdragon 888 processor, it’s packing RedMagic’s renown active cooling system, a hefty 5050mAh battery for extended playing sessions, and a mesmerizing 6.8″ AMOLED display with a silky smooth 165Hz refresh rate.

Gaming features that matter

Although the RedMagic 6 Series has enough specs to make it a bonafide flagship killer, it’s a gaming phone at heart. To make sure it’s up for mastering whatever kinds of games you throw at it, the RedMagic 6 Series is outfitted with specialized features that set it aside from the competition.

For starters, let’s talk about that 6.8″ display. Not only can it sample touch input at up to 500Hz, the display now features a more comprehensive adaptive refresh rate, allowing it to scale between 30Hz, 60Hz, 90Hz, 120Hz, and 165Hz, depending on how you use your device. It also uses Qualcomm’s CPHY-DSI transmission technology, lowering power consumption by 20-50%. Finally, it features a true 10-bit color depth panel with DCI-P3 for improved colors, whether you’re watching videos or gaming.

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To make sure your phone stays cool during intense gaming sessions, the RedMagic 6 Series comes with a multi-dimensional cooling system called ICE 6.0. This system utilizes seven different types of cooling methods in tandem to mitigate heat and increase long-term performance, including a centrifugal turbofan that can spin up to 20,000 RPM, an integrated vapor chamber, several layers of graphite, and an optional aviation-grade aluminium chassis. Together, these cooling elements have been proven to reduce CPU core temperatures by up to 16º.

If you’re in need of even more cooling power, you can check out the RedMagic 6 Ice Dock and RedMagic 6 Pro Ice Dock, optional dual-fan accessories that attach to the back side of the RedMagic 6 Series to offer even better heat mitigation for longer gaming sessions.

Other notable upgrades for the 6 Series include RedMagic’s Pro Shoulder Triggers, which can now sample touch input at up to 400Hz, with in-game response reduced down to just 8.3ms. RedMagic’s mobile game launcher Game Space also makes a return with features like performance booster, turbofan control, enhanced display visuals, and more.

Buy the RedMagic 6 Series today

The RedMagic 6 Series goes on sale today, April 15th, and it is available in two variants. The RedMagic 6 comes in Eclipse Black, and it includes 128GB of storage with 12GB of RAM for $599. The RedMagic 6 Pro comes in Moon Silver, and it includes 256GB of storage with 16GB of RAM for $699. To learn more about the new RedMagic 6 Series, as well as how you can purchase one for yourself, check out the official webpage here.

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