thinking about buying the samsung s21 ultra… is it worth it?

basically in short I fell in love with the phone due to it having all of the things I want in a phone, ranging from most important to least important:

1) amazing battery life 2) high resolution (I want a 1440p resolution) 3) high refresh rate (ideally I want a minimum of 120hz) 4) good camera 5) android (but that's a given, since I know I want android)

the only issues I see with the phone is that it has no headphone jack and it's over a thousand bucks. I'm not against that type of money and money ain't an issue so I could buy multiple of those phones if i really wanted to for shits and giggles but I find it having no headphone jack a real damn shame, moreso than the price. does it come with wireless headphones and does it come with a headphone adapter like iPhones do?

thanks for the help.

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