These 6 smart plugs are the best for tracking energy usage

Now more than ever, it’s important to use energy wisely, so we’ve compiled a list of the best energy monitoring smart plugs available right now. Smart plugs are the best and most convenient smart home accessories for controlling devices around your home. Most typically work with both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa and can turn almost any lamp or small appliance into a smart device you can control with your phone or just your voice. We’ve highlighted the best smart plugs that go the extra mile and offer energy monitoring features that let you track how much energy your favorite devices and appliances draw so that you can make the best purchase decision for your household.

Tp Link Kasa Smart Plug Mini Energy MonitoringTp Link Kasa Smart Plug Mini Energy Monitoring

Mid-range option:
Kasa Smart Plug Mini with Energy Monitoring

Staff Pick

Kasa/TP-Link’s smart home products are super popular because they’re affordable and designed to be simple to use. In fact, it’s so easy to use that Amazon has added it to its Certified for Humans program. With the Smart Plug Mini, you can monitor your energy use and schedule devices to power on/off whenever you want. It also allows for group control and features a handy away mode for when you’re on extended absence.

Topgreener Smart PlugTopgreener Smart Plug

It’s all in the name:
TopGreener Smart Outlet with Energy Monitoring

This plug from TopGreener excels at what it does. It’s a little chunkier than others on this list, meaning it will cover both outlets when plugged into a wall. However, it requires no hub for setup — just a 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi connection and the TopGreener app, where you can monitor real-time and historical power consumption data from your connected electronics and set times and schedules to avoid wasting energy.

$33 at Amazon

Lenovo Smart Plug HeroLenovo Smart Plug Hero

Compact and affordable:
Lenovo Wi-Fi Smart Plug with Energy Monitor

The Lenovo Wi-Fi Smart Plug with Energy Monitor is a compact smart plug that lets you operate lights or appliances using an accompanying Lenovo Link Pro app or via Google Assistant and Alexa without needing a hub. From the app, you can monitor the energy usage from your plugged-in appliances in real-time. It has all the safety features you need to keep your family and home safe and is backed by a one-year warranty.

$15 at B&H

Dual Smart Outlet Works With Apple Homekit Wall Chargers Satechi 395527 1024xDual Smart Outlet Works With Apple Homekit Wall Chargers Satechi 395527 1024x

Satechi Dual Smart Outlet with Real-Time Power Monitoring

This smart plug offers two outlets, with a single “always on” outlet and three that can be individually controlled using the smartphone app or with Apple’s Siri, Google Assistant, or Amazon Alexa. It uses the Satechi app for setup and real-time energy monitoring, and it leaves the second outlet space available for your other devices.

$60 at Amazon

Eve Energy Na DeviceEve Energy Na Device

Touch and go:
Eve Energy- Apple HomeKit Smart Home

This Apple HomeKit-enabled smart plug from Eve not only works with your favorite smart assistant like Siri or through its app by connecting via Bluetooth, but you can even tap it to turn it on or off. With this smart plug, you can also track power consumption and the projected costs of your electricity use at home.

$40 at Amazon

Bn Link Smart PlugBn Link Smart Plug

Bulk savings:
BN-LINK Wi-Fi Heavy Duty Smart Plug Outlet

The BN-Link Wi-Fi Heavy Duty Smart Plug comes in two, three, or four packs, making it easy to get your smart home connected in one go. Once installed and connected to your home Wi-Fi, you can use voice commands via Alexa or Google or the app to control your lights and appliances as well as monitor your power consumption.

$26 at Amazon (4 Pack)

These are your smartest buys for smart plugs

Are you dealing with rising energy costs for your home? Energy monitoring is a great way to test out what devices and appliances in your home are drawing more power while plugged in. By having a better idea of which things around your house are drawing more power, you can make sensible decisions that could end up saving you a ton of money on your power bill.

Our top recommendation is the Kasa Smart Plug Mini with Energy Monitoring, which is a solid yet affordable pick that works smoothly with voice assistants like Google Assistant and Alexa while also helping you monitor energy consumption. The TopGreener Heavy-Duty Smart Wi-Fi Plug is also high on our list as a reliable smart plug with built-in energy monitoring that you can review from the app and track your plug-in devices’ power consumption. It’s also available in other finishes and bundles to suit various styles and use cases.

For a multi-plug option, we’ve got the Satechi Dual Smart Outlet with Real-Time Power Monitoring, which offers you the most flexibility, and the Eve Energy Smart Plug & Power Meter gives you multi-assistant capabilities with good old fashioned touch to tap functionality.

If you decide you want something simpler or just want to check out other options, there are plenty of other great smart plugs available, including outdoor smart Wi-FI plugs.

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