Tesla is the most searched car brand in the world, study shows

A new study by Confused.com found that Tesla is the most searched car brand in the world. According to reports, Confused.com, founded in 2002, is one of the most well-known data comparison agencies in the world. The major aim of this company is to help customers solve their doubts. The site’s researchers found that Google search data indicates that Tesla is one of the most popular car brands in the world. Tesla has at least 11,100,000 Google searches per year. This is far more than other popular car brands like Volkswagen and Toyota.

Tesla California

The study also noted that Tesla’s vehicles were the first EVs to be seen by the mass market as truly capable of fulfilling their demands. Furthermore, when it comes to electric vehicles, Tesla is the face of the automobile industry. Below is a table that shows the top 20 most searched car brands in the world

Top 20 most searched car brands globally

Brand Nation Global Annual Search
1. Tesla America 11,100,000
2. Volkswagen Germany 9,140,000
3. Toyota Japan 9,140,000
4. BMW Germany 7,480,000
5. modern South Korea 7,480,000
6. Audi Germany 6,120,000
7. Honda Japan 6,120,000
8. Ford America 6,120,000
9. Porsche Germany 5,000,000
10. Lamborghini Italy 5,000,000
11. Kia South Korea 5,000,000
12. Renault France 4,090,000
13. Peugeot France 4,090,000
14. Nissan Japan 4,090,000
15. Jeep America 4,090,000
16. Benz Germany 3,350,000
17. Ferrari Italy 3,350,000
18. Mazda Japan 3,350,000
19. Chevrolet America 3,350,000
20. Skoda Czech Republic 2,740,000

Alex Kindred, an automotive industry expert at Confused, commented, “We all have our favourite car brands; whether luxury, economy or executive related, designed in the UK or abroad. Many of the car brands we know and love are synonymous with their exporting countries and are a real part of their history and heritage. As our research shows, some of the world’s oldest car brands have topped the list and are among the world’s most successful exports.”

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Tesla – the face of electric vehicles

When it comes to electric cars, the global market looks up to Tesla. In fact, in some regions, people think Tesla is the only brand that makes electric cars. Of course, this is not the case. It is just that Tesla electric cars are the most popular in the world. Its battery designs are second to none globally

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