Swapping to iPhone just for iMessage?

I've been with Android ever since smartphones became a thing, and really appreciate the level of growth it's undergone. I love Android and iOS feels a bit restrictive. It's pretty simple and just works, which is nice but i have friends with iPhones who bitched about it being buggy. I guess no platform is free of bugs cause i can relate with my experiences too.

What I am tired of is having to use SMS, everyone I know uses iMessage. I'm an American, so there's no adoption culturally of WhatsApp here like there is in Europe. If there was,I wouldn't think twice about apple.. I do use Instagram DM quite a lot tho. I really hate when SMS fails or sometimes it doesn't send or sometimes it sends out of order. And it makes sending videos and photos hard since the quality is always decompressed.

Has anyone, who likes android a lot swapped to apple and regret the choice? I feel it's a lot for just iMessage, but truthfully, all i use my phone is for text, calling, photos and browsing the web and a few apps. So I feel like, it's whatever. A phone is just a tool anyways and RCS doesn't seem to be catching much on anyways.

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