Spotify Video Podcast arrives to all creators in select countries

After launching in limited trials last year, Spotify is finally letting creators in more countries upload video podcasts. Creators can upload their video episodes through Anchor’s free web platform or even replace audio episodes with video versions, according to the music streaming company.


  • Spotify launches video podcasting to all creators in select countries.
  • Video podcasts are uploaded through Anchor’s web platform.
  • Spotify integrates free video recording and editing on Riverside.

Spotify Video Podcast features

Specifically, Spotify’s video podcasting is now available to the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand. And along with the rollout, Spotify has added new features that podcasters could utilize. Podcast subscriptions for video podcasts are available, and Spotify says they are working to include more monetization features.

Similar to audio podcasts, creators will have access to video analytics of their episodes. Podcasters can tap on the different insights and metrics such as number of streams, unique followers, demographics, and more. In addition, creators can add interactive polls or Q&A sections in each video. The video episodes are also embeddable and will support direct playing through the embed player.

Spotify is also partnering with Riverside for recording and editing video podcasts with up to 4K video resolution and uncompressed 48kHz WAV audio format. Automatically, video and audio tracks are separated for each participant.

Spotify Video Podcasting Features
The new Spotify Video Podcast feature supports video background playback if you prefer listening to a video episode. / © Spotify

In terms of other features, viewers will have an option to turn on video backgrounds. This keeps the audio playing in the background while video will be replaced by a static image — a neat feature if you just want to listen to a podcast. The company is already working to release video podcasting to more markets.

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