Small Android Smartphone

Hello there. About 2 month ago I bought a S22 (europe version) and the battery is giving me a headache. For the rest I really love this phone.

My idea was to buy a device that would last me at least 4 years, but I am looking for a replacement.

I look a device as small as possible, at least one day of battery, dual sim (both physical).

Powerful , wireless charger, nice screen, fast screen refresh, nice camera are nice to have but not the main goal.

I am thinking in Asus Zenfone 9 but it is expensive. The S22 I would sell it (I cant return anymore) but I wouldnt get the 650 that costed me.

I am seriously considering Motorola Edge 30 Neo. Reviews talk good nice about it but some of them were also saying fairly good things about the S22 battery… 🤣

Any recommendation from you gurus? 😀 Thanks

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