Should the headphone jack return to smartphones?

I really miss having a headphone jack on my phone, and there are times where I needed a headphone jack on my phone but didn't have one and couldn't do anything. Headphone jacks were removed from phones originally by Apple because they launched their wireless earbuds, and eventually Oneplus, Google, and Samsung did the same. I realy want the headphone jack to return, and now that there is a market for wireless earbuds, I feel like the jack can return and not effect their sales too much.

Look at apples new Macbook, one year they removed all ports and just had USB C, and it made some sense. USB C was new and is an amazing port, it definitely can do everything the ports it replaced can do, but that doesn't mean they should be replaced with it, because all those old devices still exist. So Apple this year brought back some ports and everybody loved that decision, they brought back HDMI, SD card slot, magsafe charging and have the headphone jack. They understood a all USB C future is what everyone wants, but currently it is causing more pain than benifit. And I completely agree with that even though I don't use Apple products and don't like a bunch of things Apple does, this was the right choice.

Well I was thinking the same could potentially happen to smartphones and bring back the headphone jack, but this will truly happen if all smartphone makers add the headphone jack. I understand that it takes up internal storage that could potentially make the cameras or battery smaller, and that they have to add water resistance to it, but that's just how it is. But all companies will have to make the change, let's say only Samsung does it, then they might see a very small bump to sales, but Apple and Google will not be effected and will not bring it back, and eventually samsung will end up removing it again, they did keep the headphone jack as long as possible, their 2019 S10 had it, and Apple's last phone with it was in 2015.

I do want a fully USB C or single port future, where one port can be used for almost anything, and functions as an input or an output. But that transition should happen smoothly and companies shouldn't force it to happen. Look at what Ford did this year, the stopped making sedans and coupes, all of their cars are now trucks, SUVs, or Crossovers. The Mustand, Focus, and Fusion jave all been turned into Crossovers, they will not make any more cars, but that doesn't mean they stopped supporting all previous cars, they still have the older modles at their dealerships and still repair and service them. They are naturally trying to make the change, and not forcing customers of cars to stop using them. I'm not going to say this is a good change, I still think the sedan and sport coupe market is huge, but they did the transition right. Or look at electric cars, all major car manufacturers had slowly transitioned their cars to electric, while still having gas powered vehicles. They didn't switch completely to electric, and didn't discontinue all previous gas powered models. Everyone wants an electric car future, but that doesn't mean everyone should switch to electric cars right now.

This is also better for the environment, stoping all previous technology from instantly turning into e-waste even tough it is perfectly functioning. Adding a feature will make the users happy, even if they don't use the feature, they aren't losing anything by having an extra feature.

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