Save 20% on the Roku Smart Soundbar and instantly upgrade your home theater

When it comes to upgrading your home theater setup, one of the first things you might want to grab is a streaming device. But that’s really only one piece of the puzzle, as you’ll also likely want to upgrade the sound quality. Traditional home theater speaker systems are so outdated, with wires running everywhere and dealing with trying to make sure everything is configured properly. Well, Roku can help solve both of those problems in one fell swoop with the Roku Smart Soundbar. And for Prime Day, you can save $36 and instantly upgrade your setup.

So how is the Roku Smart Soundbar supposed to fix your streaming needs and audio quality at the same time? Well, as the name suggests, this soundbar plugs right into your TV, providing four Dolby Audio-tuned speakers that will fill the room. This is great, but again is just one piece of the puzzle. The streaming portion is handled by having Roku’s streaming interface built into the soundbar.

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So not only will you get one of the best soundbars, but you’ll also be able to plug it in and instantly have access to Roku’s vast library of streaming apps. You’ll find all of the popular options, including Disney+, Netflix, and Hulu, to go along with the newer streaming services like Paramount+ and Apple TV+.

As for picture quality, the Roku Smart Soundbar provides 4K HDR video playback for anything that your TV can handle. Plus, it will automatically determine what resolution your TV is trying to show off, and it will match that so you get the best picture quality possible.

In keeping with the “Smart” portion of the branding, Roku has also integrated support and compatibility with three of the major smart home services. These include Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and even Apple HomeKit, so you can grab one of the best Amazon devices like the new Amazon Echo and ask it to turn on that movie you’ve been wanting to watch.

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