Samsung’s next sliding smartphone may feature a transparent display

Sliding phones were a common sight during the era of non-touch cellphones more than a decade ago. It looks like Samsung is currently eyeing to go back to the form factor, while giving the slider smartphones some fresh touch with a transparent display.


  • Samsung patent shows a sliding smartphone with a transparent display.
  • The transparent display may have back-to-back screen technology.
  • There are two forms of sliding concepts found in the patent.

At the end of 2021, Samsung had already patented a smartphone with a dual folding transparent display. This week, a patent appeared with yet another form factor, that is this time relying on transparent screens.

Transparent technology is not new. In fact, LG made a phone with a transparent glass keypad more than a decade ago called the LG Crytal. But of course the phone’s keypad did not have a screen back then – and it was more of a niche product intended for fashion because of the expensive price.

Samsung Z Slide Galaxy
A sliding smartphone concept with transparent display and back-to-back screen by Samsung? Sounds interesting. / © Samsung

Samsung sliding phone as Galaxy Z Slide in the future?

Discovered on WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) filings, the new patent of Samsung shows a sliding mechanism using a transparent screen that is viewable from both sides. In addition to the transparent display, the patent also indicates two types of form factors.

The first form factor reminds us of the traditional smartphone shape, as it has a portrait orientation and vertical sliding mechanism. As you can see on the picture above, the back-side is thought to be displaying a viewfinder image when taking a selfie using the device’s main cameras. It is safe to say that the display will have back-to-back screen technology aside from the see-through feature.

Concept of a sliding Samsung device with transparent display
Samsung’s sliding smartphone concept with a transparent display / © Samsung

The second form factor shows a larger display, probably in a rather Z Fold form factor – and has a horizontal sliding mechanism. It resembles the various concept phones with rollable OLED panels that we’ve seen in the past months and years, mainly from Samsung but also from other manufacturers such as Oppo.

Are you ready to see transparent displays on smartphones? Which form factor excites you the most? Let us know in the comments below.

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