Samsung shows off first multi-rollable phone prototype

Samsung has shown off several new displays and smartphone form factors at SID 2022, including a multi-rollable prototype.

Adaptive form factor design is considered the next big evolution of smartphone design. Samsung has been working on several new foldable and rollable designs, and has now shown off its first multi-rollable: The Flex Slidable.

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The Flex Slidable features a screen that can extend out in both directions when held in landscape mode. A simple press of a button causes the display to roll out horizontally, and this feature significantly increases the available screen landscape, effectively turning the device into a widescreen tablet.

The ability to transform a phone into a mini or full-sized tablet promises to unlock a world of different possibilities, giving users the ability to use their phone as a full-sized computer alternative. Samsung has already established itself as a leader in this segment of the market, and the Flex Slidable further cements that lead.

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