Samsung posts official calendar for US rollout of One UI 4 to all devices

Yesterday, we found some information (that Samsung quickly removed) related to the rollout of Android 12 to Samsung phones in South Korea. The info detailed all the phones that will see the update as well as the month in which Samsung expects to push it out.

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Now, we have similar info for the United States within the Samsung Members app. However, Samsung hasn’t pulled this info yet, so it looks like this is an official announcement the company will stand behind. As before, the calendar tells us which US-based Samsung phones will get One UI 4 based on Android 12 and the approximate time they’ll get it.

Samsung does say this schedule could change at any time. As such, don’t mark your calendars just yet. However, it’s reasonable to assume your Samsung phone would see One UI 4 around the time this calendar says it would.

Official One UI 4 calendar for US Samsung phones

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