Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 gets full Google Assistant features

Google has finally started rolling out its Assistant feature to the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, almost a year after the smartwatch was announced. Along with this app update (via the Play Store) is a more responsive UI and support for voice commands through the wearable.


  • Google released its Assistant service for the Galaxy Watch 4.
  • The assistant will support voice commands and smart home controls.
  • The app update is available in 10 countries and will be rolled out to other regions.

Previously available on Wear OS 2 devices, Google Assistant on the Galaxy Watch 4 series is touted to be faster and have more natural voice interactions, according to the company. Users can now wake the smartwatch assistant by using the “Hey, Google” hotword. In addition, a shortcut button is also available if you prefer to use the physical keys to summon the smart assistant.

Aside from asking the usual questions, personal results, or setting up daily tasks with the assistant, controlling your smart home devices is also possible. You can dim and turn on/off specific lighting in your living space as long as it is connected to your home hub or smart speaker.

How to install the Google Assistant features

Getting the Google Assistant is a bit tedious as it will require you to update the Assistant app from My apps list in the Google Play Store. Once downloaded you will need to activate the app by launching it from your smartwatch and follow the process. The last step is activating the app on your phone.

The assistant will be first available in 10 countries and 12 languages including Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, the UK, and the US. There is no information on when the app support is coming to other regions.

Which is your preferred smartwatch assistant on your Galaxy Watch: Bixby or Google? Hit us up in the comment section.

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