Samsung Galaxy S21: Should you buy it now? Check out the price drops

Want to buy the Samsung Galaxy S21 but waiting for a price drop? NextPit has verified the price history of Samsung’s flagship with retailers to tell you if it’s a good time to buy the Galaxy S21 now or not.

This article will be updated regularly, on a monthly basis, and will take into account the major price drops of the Samsung Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21+ and Galaxy S21 Ultra. The idea is to offer a “handcrafted” price tracker to inform you of possible price drops on particularly sought-after smartphone models (feel free to suggest models to watch out for).

Price drop: Is it the right time to buy the Samsung Galaxy S21/S21+ or S21 Ultra?

We checked the price drops on these 3 models via several online price comparison sites. Please note that this is not a change in the recommended or “official” price, but rather the average price of the Galaxy S21/S21+ or S21 Ultra. This price corresponds to the average of the lowest prices among all e-commerce platforms, including third-party sellers in the Marketplace!

Galaxy S21 price drops

We can see that the Samsung Galaxy S21 had a big price cut in July following an exceptional discount offer made by Samsung via its official store. 

On the other hand, the phone has only increased in price since then and surpassed the $750 average price. In Amazon, the device retails for $799.99. This price is certainly the same $799.99 that retailers like BestBuy will ask. And it is higher than the last notable price drop in September.

With the current pricing we unfortunately can not recommend you buying the device, since a few months ago it went for about $649.99.

Samsung Galaxy S21

Price history
Price Date Amount
Launch price 01.29.2021 $819.99
First price drop 02.11.2021 $699.99
Lowest price  07.23.2021 $649.99
Last significant price drop 09.19.2021 $649.99
Current price 10.21.2021 $799.99
samsung galaxy s21 price tracker
Samsung Galaxy S21 price history / © NextPit

Galaxy S21+ price drops

It’s almost the same as for the basic Galaxy S21. Except that unlike the S21’s prices, which have been rising steadily for the past 4 months, the Galaxy S21+‘s prices seem to have stabilized since the end of September, when it last dropped significantly.

The recommended price of $999.99 is what the device sells for right now. With this price it is again difficult to recommend the device right now. It seems that among all the retailers pricing remains at the same high levels. Ouch.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus 5G

Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus

Price history
Price Date Amount
Launch price 01.29.2021 $999.99
First price drop 04.02.2021 $800
Lowest price 09.13.2021 $749.99
Last significant price drop 09.27.2021 $749.99
Current price 10.21.2021 $999.99
samsung galaxy s21 plus price tracker
Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus price history / © NextPit

Galaxy S21 Ultra price drops

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is the model that has arguably dropped the most in price since its release. The current price is $1,151.99. As you can imagine, this price can be found on Amazon, with other retailers like BestBuy maintaining a price of $1,199.99.

And as for the S21 Ultra, the lowest and most reliable price is currently again at $1,151.99 from Amazon. It is still better than Samsung’s official $1,199.99 asking price but despite this, I don’t recommend you to buy the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra either. Bummer! See you in a month and I’m pretty sure the price will be more interesting.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 128GB

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Price history
Price Date Amount
Launch price 29.01.2021 $1,199.99
First price drop 05.02.2021 $1000
Lowest PMC ever 15.06.2021 $899.99
Last significant price drop 12.08.2021 $899.99
Current PMC 15.10.2021 $1151.99
samsung galaxy s21 ultra price tracker
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra price history / © NextPit

How does NextPit track price drops of smartphones?

Starting from the launch price of each smartphone when it was released, we started by listing chronologically the first notable price drop followed by the lowest price ever, then the last notable price drop and finally the current price.

For our listings we compared prices between Amazon, the official stores and BestBuy.

When the CPM observed on the day of the publication of this article and each update is lower than the “official” or recommended price by the manufacturer, we recommend you to buy the smartphone via an affiliate link. If the PMC is lower than the last price drop or even the lowest price ever, we will also recommend you to buy the smartphone. Note that this data is manually extracted from the price histories of several online price comparison sites.

What do you think of this new format? Are there any particular smartphones you’d like me to keep an eye on for price drops? Tell me all about it in the comments.

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