Samsung Galaxy A52 5G: Should you buy it now? Check out the price drops

If you are looking to buy the Samsung Galaxy A52 5G, you are at the right place. Here at NextPit we are keeping track of the pricing from all the popular devices in articles like this. When the device is discounted heavily, we recommend you to buy the device.

How does NextPit track device prices

We stay up to date, by regularly checking the pricing in major retailers like Amazon, manufacturer stores, BestBuy and Google Shopping. When the price falls bellow MSRP (Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price), we note it down alongside the date. This allows us to create a graph for you to see when the device was discounted.

Every now and then, we update this article with the latest information. The main idea behind this is that in general if a device falls at a certain price level, it is likely it will be discounted for that price again in the future. We hope that with this information you will be able to decide whether a discount is actually good for you, or if you should wait for another major discount.

NextPit Samsung Galaxy A52 back
Only the 5G version is available in the US / © NextPit

Samsung Galaxy A52 5G Price Drop: Is it a good time to buy it?

For this article we keep track of all the Samsung Galaxy A52 5G, the successor to one of the most popular devices from Samsung that we can remember. The device was praised for a very wide array of features, like the 120Hz Super AMOLED display and the impressive camera array. You can read more about the device in our review.

Samsung Galaxy A52 5G Price Table

MSRP: $499 Date Price
First Price Drop 6.27.2021  $399 
Biggest Drop 6.27.2021 $399
Lowest Price 6.27.2021 $399
Last Price Drop 10.5.2021 $399
Current Price 11.11.2021 $499

The Samsung Galaxy A52 5G released in spring 2021 for an MSRP of $499. The device can be found in all major retailers, but none of the prices seems to be attractive. In Amazon the price is at $499, a price shared among other retailers like BestBuy.

Currently the device retails for the same price but it has been discounted by $100 in the past, so we can not recommend you getting the device right now. Regardless, if you need the device for whatever reason, click in the link bellow:

Galaxy A52 5G
If you can find it for the discounted price, go for it! / © NextPit

As we stated, the current price is by no means attractive, especially for a device that was released almost a year ago. But, as we can see in the chart the price can fall by about $100 which makes it a decent purchase. Since the last discount ended at around 10.5.2021 it stands to reason to expect another discount in the coming months.

Are you planning on buying the Samsung Galaxy A52 5G? Let us know bellow.

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