Samsung Galaxy A22 4G vs Samsung Galaxy A22 5G

I think it just depends on personal preference. While one of these two smartphones is a 4G phone, and the other being a 5G, it only comes down to the personal preference of the buyer.

The major difference between the two, as mentioned above, is the fact that one of them is a 5G smartphone. Samsung Galaxy A22 4G is powered by a Mediatek Helio G80 processor while Samsung Galaxy A22 5G has a Mediatek DImensity 700 chipset and this is the major difference between them. In my opinion, Samsung Galaxy A22 4G has slightly better specs because it has a super AMOLED display which is absent in Samsung Galaxy A22 5G smartphone. Also, the camera section, both front, and back, is better in Samsung Galaxy A22 4G smartphone.

But then again if you are looking for a 5G phone, I would also totally recommend the Samsung Galaxy A22 5G phone with the Dimensity 700 processor.

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