Samsung Factory Reset, Google Account – Locked And Blocked

Hey guys, I'm hoping and wondering if someone can help me.

I had to factory reset my Samsung phone, but have run into a big problem as I can no longer access my Google account which was signed in on this phone, so I can't sign in and continue to use my phone anymore and it's just stuck on the Google log in.

I've been researching and looking for a way to bypass the Google login after a factory reset but a lot of this suggestions are not helpful.

A lot of the suggestions are telling me to download a Google account bypass app onto my phone, but I obviously can't do this as I can log into the phone to access the play store or downloads.

I downloaded a bypass software to my tablet and plugged the phone in to try and bypass the Google account but it didn't work and all of the other PC software suggestions didn't work or weren't able to download them.

I can't afford to pay for bypass software right now and can only use software that is free but I'm struggling to find something which works.

I've searched and searched on Google but have found no solution, so I have had to reach out to the intelligent minds on Reddit that can hopefully help me out.

Does anyone know how I can successfully bypass my Google account after factory reset and set up my phone?

I cannot log into my Google account at all, I don't know what's wrong with it but I'm unable to reset my password and can't get in anymore, and therefore cannot use my phone, which I desperately need to work as I have no other phone and this phone cost me a lot of money and I only just bought it recently and I'm not able to afford to take the phone into a shop to get the Google account removed/bypassed either so i am desperately seeking a free solution which I can do myself at home that works.

I'd appreciate any suggestions, thanks

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