PUBG: New State enters closed alpha testing as a fresh entry in the series, here’s a full hour of gameplay

Last night the closed alpha for PUBG: New State kicked off, and thanks to Krafton, I’ve gained access so that I can show precisely what this alpha brings to the table. I’ve recorded a full hour of 1080p 60FPS gameplay, spanning three drops into the new Troi map, and I also went out of my way to show all of the game’s menus and settings at the start of the video. So if you’re curious to see precisely what PUBG: New State’s closed alpha has to offer, my lengthy gameplay video should answer all of your questions.

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Above, you can view an hour-long gameplay video for PUBG: New State, recorded by yours truly on a ROG 5 at 1080p 60FPS. I chose to play at the highest graphics settings to show what’s possible, and performance was solid the entire time. While my FPS did dip into the 50s a few times, I didn’t notice any lag or missed frames. Things felt pretty smooth. The touchscreen controls already work well, and they can be customized quite easily through a wide range of settings. I also tested the game with a physical controller, but only the left thumbstick worked, so either controller support isn’t planned, or it’s still a work in progress.

You can tweak all of the buttons, placement and size

Even though the closed alpha just kicked off last night, it will end tomorrow. Despite the short amount of time testers can play, the game’s menu is already filled with a host of options. There are six separate settings for the graphics that range from Low to Max, and you can even choose to play with OpenGL ES or Vulkan rendering.


Six separate graphical settings, and you can choose your graphics API

As far as gameplay goes, this is still PUBG, so expect a standard battle royale game just like the first. A new map is in the mix, it’s called Troi, and there are a few new features in the title as well. You can now use drones to investigate remotely, and there are now weapon customization pickups that can be added to your gear for an extra layer of strategy. There are also more drivable vehicles scattered around the new map, along with some odd self-driving transports. Of course, the most significant change is that PUBG: New State takes place in the future, so the game is set in 2051.


All in all, PUBG: New State is shaping up to be a solid competitor/replacement for PUBG: Mobile. While the tweaked gameplay won’t sway those who don’t enjoy battle royale games, if you’re a fan of PUBG, then there’s no doubt you’ll enjoy PUBG: New State. Sadly we still don’t know when the game will be officially released, but if you’ve been waiting to see what the game brings to the table, enjoy the lengthy gameplay video above.

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