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OnePlus Nord N10 Cases
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One of the most intriguing and best cheap Android phones is the OnePlus Nord, which has been available for a few months, but it was only available in select markets. Now the Nord N10 has arrived for those in the U.S. This budget-friendly device stacks up quite nicely when comparing the standard Nord vs Nord N10, but you’re going to want to grab one of the best OnePlus Nord N10 cases to keep this fancy new smartphone protected.

Foluu Clear Case OnePlus Nord N10 RenderFoluu Clear Case OnePlus Nord N10 Render

Show it off:
Foluu Clear Case

Staff Pick

There are clear cases, and then there’s the Foluu Clear case, which not only lets you show off the OnePlus Nord N10, but also has some added protection. All four corners are reinforced, acting as cushions if your phone ends up falling out of your hands.

$9 at Amazon

Dzxouui TPU Case OnePlus Nord N10 RenderDzxouui TPU Case OnePlus Nord N10 Render

Classic design:
Dzxouui Shockproof Cover

The Dzxouui Shockproof TPU Case may be tough to pronounce, but the case works perfectly for protecting your Nord N10. The case gives you precise cutouts for all of your ports, including the rear-mounted fingerprint scanner. Since it’s made from a TPU material, this case is sure to keep your new phone rolling along even after a drop.

$8 at Amazon

DDJ Wallet OnePlus Nord N10 RenderDDJ Wallet OnePlus Nord N10 Render

Get a wallet:
DDJ Wallet Cover

The problem with some wallets is that they are just too bulky and the same goes for wallet cases. Thankfully, that’s not much of an issue with the DDJ Slim Wallet Cover, which sports an ultra-thin design. Inside the flap, there are three card slots along with a cash pocket, and a magnetic flap ensures that your wallet case stays closed when it needs to.

$11 at Amazon

Osophter Floral Case OnePlus Nord N10 RenderOsophter Floral Case OnePlus Nord N10 Render

Express yourself:
Osophter Floral Cover

With the Osophter Floral TPU case, there are three awesome-looking patterns to choose from. These range from a series of purple flowers to a rose-covered pattern and a white lace option. All four corners feature added protection with “gasbags” to protect against drops.

$8 at Amazon

Entaifeng Grippy Case OnePlus Nord N10 RenderEntaifeng Grippy Case OnePlus Nord N10 Render

Get a grip:
Entaifeng Grippy Case

If you insist on putting a case on your OnePlus Nord N10, then why not give it something that shows off your personality? The Entaifeng Grippy TPU Case does this with three unique designs, all while offering great shock absorption and other protection for your phone. The company also includes a three-month warranty.

$7 at Amazon

CoverON OnePlus Nord N10 Case RenderCoverON OnePlus Nord N10 Case Render

Flexible and minimal:
CoverON FlexGuard

CoverON’s FlexGuard case is made from a premium TPU material that adds the necessary shock absorption, along with making the case grippier. There are raised edges around the display and camera module for added protection from scratches, and the FlexGuard does all of this while maintaining a slim and low-profile design.

Spigen Rugged Armor OnePlus Nord N10 RenderSpigen Rugged Armor OnePlus Nord N10 Render

Flexible and minimal:
Spigen Rugged Armor Designed for Samsung Galaxy S10 Case

Spigen’s Rugged Armor sports buttons that are covered but are still tactile, plus you won’t have to worry about “wearing the case in” just to use your phone. Then, there’s the ever-familiar spiderweb pattern on the inside of the case, to go along with raised lips and edges for increased protection.

$12 at Amazon

Kqimi OnePlus Nord N10 RenderKqimi OnePlus Nord N10 Render

Flexible and minimal:
Kqimi Leather Cover Case

There’s just something about a leather case that continues to draw people back to them, even if they aren’t the most protective. Luckily, with the Kqimi Leather Cover, you’ll be able to enjoy the feel of leather on the back. Plus, there’s a TPU bumper around the frame of your phone to prevent any damage from befalling your Nord N10 in the event of a drop.

$15 at Amazon

Anccer OnePlus Nord N10 RenderAnccer OnePlus Nord N10 Render

Flexible and minimal:
Anccer Color Ultra-Thin Cover

Anccer provides a case that feels like there’s really nothing there with its Ultra-Thin Case. This case is smooth to the touch while the polycarbonate protects against drops if they occur. And as for just how thick the case is, Anccer states that this adds only 0.3mm to your phone. So, you won’t have to worry about your phone being weighed down.

$12 at Amazon

Find the best OnePlus Nord N10 cases

When you have a phone that looks as great as the OnePlus Nord N10, you’re going to want to get the best case. Since you’re not likely going to want to have to take your phone out of the case just to show it off, the Foluu Clear Cover, as you’ll get a completely clear case to show off every inch of your phone. Plus, all four corners are reinforced with additional materials to create cushions for those times that you accidentally drop your phone.

If you don’t care so much about showing off your phone, but just want a solid TPU case that looks familiar, the Dzxouui Shockproof Cover fits the bill. This case has a brushed metal finish on the back, with the familiar carbon fiber cutouts at the top and bottom. With the brushed metal look and feel, this will help to add a little bit more grip to your phone, making it less prone to slip and slide around.

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