Porsche will start supporting Android Auto with its cars later this year

Porsche will start supporting Android Auto with its cars later this year

Android Auto has been around long enough to be adopted by all major car manufacturers, with the final holdout — BMW — having taken the plunge late last year. That still leaves out a few specialized car companies refusing to support Google’s car-friendly service. You can scratch Porsche off that list, as the 2022 911 models will be the carmaker’s first vehicles to include Android Auto.

Up until now, Porsche has limited its infotainment systems to just Apple CarPlay, though drivers could add Android support through aftermarket kits. The automaker’s new 911 models sport the same 10.9″ touchscreen display used in last year’s Taycan EV, but now with Android Auto’s inclusion. The Porsche Communication Management system, or PCM, also features its own Connect subscription service, which is bundled as a free trial for three years.

Porsche’s announcement for its new 911 models doesn’t detail whether the vehicle will support both wired and wireless Android Auto; however, PCM’s Apple CarPlay integration does allow for both types of connections. Additionally, the carmaker has yet to announce if compatibility will come to any of its past or future cars — for now, it’s just limited to the new 911s.

If the lack of Android Auto support is, for some reason, why you’ve been holding out on buying a Porsche, the 2022 models should hit dealerships sometime this fall. The lineup starts at $101,200 for the 911 Carrera, but you might as well go for the new GT3 model, available for a starting MSRP of $161,100.

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