Poll: What do you think of the leaked Pixel Watch design?

Pixel Watch bottom Android Central

The Google Pixel Watch has dominated tech news headlines after the wearable was apparently left at a restaurant and found its way into the hands of a Reddit user. The user took a variety of photos of the watch, showing it from every angle and comparing it to rival offerings.

This is the most comprehensive Pixel Watch leak yet, following the publication of renders late last year. So with this latest raft of images in mind, we want to know what you think of Google’s watch. Let us know by taking our poll.

What do you think of the leaked Pixel Watch design?

71 votes

The watch certainly looks different from many other offerings out there, delivering a round design without a rim ringing the display. We’ve also got a digital crown here and what looks like a button on the side. Check out the image below for a better look.

pixel watch prototype

Do you think we’re looking at a great design or should Google go back to the drawing board? Vote in the poll above and leave a comment if you’ve got more on your mind.

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