Poll of the week: What’s your impression about Apple’s Spring event?

The week started with Apple’s Spring event. Entitled “Peek Performance”, we had a number of interesting announcements such as the iPhone SE (2022), the Mac SoC upgrade, and the next generation of the iPad Air 5 series. Today we want to know your opinion about Apple’s first launches in 2022!

Considering that the new Mac Studio is already sold out until May this year, it would be reasonable to say that Apple’s Spring event was a success. However, the criticism regarding the new generation iPhone SE raises certain suspicions about last Tuesday’s presentation. Which of the announcements excited you the most, and what were you really missing from Apple’s spring event in 2022?

Did Apple’s Spring event excite you?

Personally, two things caught my attention at Apple’s presentation: the new Mac Studio and Studio Display. The reason for this is that both devices are geared towards content production such as image and video as well as programming. In addition, the new PC brings Apple’s upgraded SoC which is now called M1 Ultra.

And despite all the criticism regarding the iPhone SE (2022), Apple has finally equipped the device with a 5G modem. Considering that this device probably won’t get an upgrade until 2024, I’m glad to see that this network option is coming to the Cupertino giant’s most affordable series of phones.

But enough about my impressions, because what we really want to know is your opinion. Which of the announcements from the Peek Performance event did you enjoy the most? The comments section of this article is open so you can better describe your choices in the first poll of this poll.

What was missing from Apple’s spring event this year?

During the event, nothing was heard about new software features, even with iOS 15.4 being in beta. However, this is not really a surprise, given that it is at Apple’s Developer Conference — WWDC 2022 — that we expect to see major changes related to Apple’s OS. However, the company does mention iOS 15.4, iPadOS 15.4, and macOS Monterey 12.3 updates are coming in the coming weeks.

And for those who were waiting for the announcement of a new iPod Touch in 2022 — since the last update launched in 2019, it was not this time that Apple filled the hearts of fans of the series with joy, like my colleague Rubens Eishima [seriously]. We also did not have the launch of a new 27″ iMac or anything related to the long-awaited and rumored Apple Glass (again: this was not really a surprise).

So we also want to know your opinion about what we missed at Apple’s spring event!

Take part in our poll of the week and share your opinion about Apple’s recent announcements with our community. As usual, on Monday we will analyze the poll results across all three NextPit domains and publish our community’s different perspectives on the topic. Have a great weekend!

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