Poll of the week: What kind of devices are going under your Christmas Tree?

Did you notice the piles of orange leaves on yards and sidewalks? This can only mean one thing… Black Friday and Winter are near. Alongside the “Fall of Freddie the Leaf,” our moods begin to shift to a gloomy, but festive Christmas spirit. Since most of you decided to make your Christmas shopping earlier this year, we decided to help you out a bit. 

Envision this: It’s Christmas Eve, 2021. You walk to the living room. In front of you, the imposing, strobe-lit silhouette of the Christmas Tree towers above you – Yes, for this to work we have to shrink you a bit. Your attention is immediately drawn by the boxes that are pilled comfortably under the tree, waiting to be opened.

You sit by the mountain of boxes and eagerly open them. The scent of shredded paper and “new” plastic overcomes the light smell of smoke from the fireplace while you are tearing the colorful wrappings apart. Your eyes glimmer with the reflection of a brand new device. What is inside the packages? 

Now that you have envisioned the kind of gift that you would get, it is time to think of brands. A pair of earbuds, for example, can vary from brand to brand in style, performance and pricing and in this day and age electronic ecosystems are also a factor when choosing devices. So…

xmas 02
Look at all these goodies!  / © NextPit

Since I am not a “gifts person” budgeting for my Christmas presents is always a nightmare, how can you put a price tag on feelings? Well, this one is particularly tricky since a single iPhone 13 Pro from Apple may throw you into the $1,000+ range. 

Don’t leave thinking this is everything, our date is already renewed for the results. Christmas is all about giving back after all! Soon we will collect the data, analyze and publish them come Monday.

The benefit here is double, you get to know what kind of devices people around the world like, new ideas for presents and we at NextPit get to know what kind of Deals articles we are going to provide you with over the coming months. This way we want to ensure that everyone will get something that they enjoy, even with the ongoing shortages. 

Until then, are there any other gifts you would like to see that were not listed? What would the worst gift you could find in your presents be? Let us know in the comments! 

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