Poll of the week: What do you think about the Galaxy S22 line?

We are reaching the end of a week almost entirely dedicated to Samsung’s Unpacked event. As expected from the first-semester edition, all the eyes were on the Galaxy S22 line, despite the launch of the Tab S8 family as well. You can check our first impressions of both the S22 vanilla models and the S22 Ultra, but what are your thoughts about the S22 update?

At first glance, I admit to being a little unimpressed by the S22 line. While the vanilla models didn’t change much from the S21 phones, the S22 Ultra is basically a Galaxy Note 22. But what about you, what was your reaction to the first Unpacked event of the year?

Discreet upgrades?

Samsung’s press materials highlighted the camera and stylus support in the new series, which kept the overall design language from the previous year. In the S21 reviews, we praised the visual update but were disappointed by the few innovations brought to the Galaxy S21 line. Will Samsung follow Apple’s steps and alternate between features and design upgrades in the yearly Galaxy S updates? 

It is too early to know the answer for that, but we can ask about which features got your attention in the Galaxy S22 launch:

Finally, after learning all the details and pricing information about the devices, their differences, and even the update support for them, we wanted to ask you which model caught your attention.

Or are you more interested in the Galaxy S21 FE

Samsung Galaxy S22 Full Coverage

That is it for this week’s poll. Check back on Monday, when we will analyze the answers from the NextPit community, as well as the comments. In the meantime, feel free to elaborate on your answers and share your opinion about the new 2022 phones.

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