Poll of the week: Is it time to remove “5G” from phone names?

“Smart Phone Note 22 Pro 5G”, mobile names never shied away from ever ballooning names but sometimes they are necessary. Like in the current transition between 4G and 5G. Consumers – and marketing departments – are looking for hints that their investment can last, and is compatible with the shiny new thing™. But with most launches already 5G-ready, do you think it is time to ditch the suffix in phone names? Welcome to the poll of the week.

I can already hear the voice inside some readers: “Here comes NextPit with another #firstworldproblem”. But since most interesting devices are already compatible with the latest generation of mobile networks, we thought it was something we should ask our audience.

Of course, there are phone models that are still being released with two versions, each topping at 4G or 5G, but that adds another complexity that my colleague Casi Drees pointed out: some of those models are very different phones on the inside, which can lead to some confusion.

Worse, they can result in some buying frustrations like getting the Galaxy A52 thinking it is the same phone as the A52 5G, but with one less “G”, which is not true. Or take the Redmi Note 10, compared to the 5G model, they have different dimensions, weights (179g vs 190g), screens (60 Hz AMOLED vs 90 Hz LCD), and even camera configuration.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 vs Note 10 5G
The Redmi Note 10 5G (right) doesn’t have the ultra-wide camera found in the vanilla model / © Xiaomi

There is no obvious solution to that without complicating phone names even more, it seems like Xiaomi sacrificed some of the 4G’s specs to reach a lower price point in the 5G market. This leads us to the next question: do you think brands should target specs as close as possible for the different models?

And that’s it for this poll of the week. As always we will return to this topic next Monday when we will analyze the answers given by the NextPit Community.

Feel free to share your opinions about the topic, or even reminisce past generational transitions – do you miss the days of the LG’s and HTC’s 4G models? What about the great purge of the SoC brands? Or is it just the growing pains of every transition?

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