Poll of the week: Did you get tech for Christmas presents?

As we head to the last week of the year, we are officially in retrospective mode! For this week’s poll, we ask you whether you managed to get your tech gifts in time for this Christmas and if you are happy with them.

Tech geeks had their share of ups and downs in 2021. Although we managed to get a bunch of cool releases — and the usual lot of vaporware and broken promises. The ongoing situation with component shortages, products availability, and even the fear of inflation left a bitter mark on the year that is nearing its end.

Did you get tech presents this Christmas?

As my colleague Ben Lucks warned more than two months ago, supply chain issues were threatening the availability of many different products this Holidays, and he gave a clear advice to buy gifts before the usual timeframe to avoid disappointments.

And just as important:

We know gifts aren’t really what matters most in the Holiday season, but as a tech website, we had to ask it, ok?

For those who got tech gifts…

Following the question from last month’s poll, one last question before we let you free for the weekend:

We at NextPit wish you have a great end of the year, and we expect you for one last poll of the week before we get to the New Year.

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