Poll of the week: Can iPads replace laptops?

Apple, last week, announced the launch of the new 2021 iPad Pro last week as part of its “Spring Loaded” event. Powered by the new, powerful M1 processor – the same chip used on the 2021 Macbooks. With the hardware of these seemingly different machines coming closer than ever before, it’s time to ask you, our readers this question.

Have iPads become capable enough to become laptop replacements? 

Yes, I know, I can hear you telling me how fed up you are with this debate. Ben and I recently had yet another Slack Fight on this subject, where I tried my best to champion the cause of the iPad and project them as a viable alternative to full-fledged laptops.

le laptop/notebook replacements. 

But I couldn’t help but notice that many of you had some very interesting opinions and thoughts in the comments about this contentious question. So, in this weekly poll, we ask you what you think of the new iPad models as laptop replacements.

Short of totally replacing your laptop, I would still like to know how many of you would consider an iPad as an accessory to your laptop? I’m not talking about making it a 100% alternative, but simply a backup device for certain specific uses.

Logically, each user has a specific use that is more or less adapted to one or the other of these platforms. If you think that an iPad cannot totally replace a laptop, I would like to know in what scenarios an iPad would be beneficial to your user experience, without totally replacing your PC.

Thanks in advance to everyone who participates in the survey. As always, I really invite you to explain your choices and develop your reasoning in the comments. It’s the debate that’s interesting, more than the statistics. And finally, I wish you a good weekend and hope to see you next Monday to discuss the results.

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