Poll of the week: Are you an early Christmas shopper?

A few days ago, I wrote a commentary about supply shortages in the consumer electronics industry. I advised you to buy Christmas gifts that concern everything about electronics earlier, including used or renewed devices, or source for local suppliers. However, are reports of stuck containers, ports with plenty of backlogs, and similar situations changing your buying behavior?

Reports of delivery issues in the consumer electronics industry have been piling up in recent weeks. Apple allegedly can’t keep up with the production of their new iPhones and Samsung revealed to us upon request that they have had to prepare in advance for the Christmas season with their partners. In my opinion, you should therefore about your Christmas gift buying plan this year.

Even though gifts shouldn’t be the main focus at Christmas (!), they are for many people. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be so many orders in November and December, and shopping malls at city centers certainly wouldn’t be so packed. So, in following up on my earlier article, I think it would be exciting to hear from you as to when will you buy your presents this year!

When did you buy your gifts last year?

Let’s look back at the year 2020! At least over here in Germany where I stay, the shopping malls in the city center were empty and I personally bought most of my gifts from late November to early December. After all, I still had to send all of the gifts after wrapping them to my family since I didn’t go home. When did you buy the most gifts?

Since I can well imagine that many people buy their gifts “just before” or close to Christmas itself, I have divided December up once again. Unlike last year, I now want to find out when do you plan to make your Christmas gift purchases in 2021.

When do you plan to buy your gifts this year?

I would now like to propose the same time scale again for the year 2021! Of course, you should indicate when you plan to buy the gifts. Whether this comes true or not, it is entirely up to you. But: When do you plan to buy gifts this year?

On Wednesday, I advised you to also look for alternatives when it comes to smartphones, tablets, and other consumer electronics. For one, to lighten the load on supply chains, you can look to refurbished or used products from a reputable seller or vendor instead of settling for a new purchase. Streaming services like Netflix or Waipu.tv are also great alternatives! Hence one last question:

That’s about it! I’m curious to see if the possible delay in delivery would change your buying behavior. Feel free to keep on sharing with me in the comments section how you plan your Christmas shopping. This is because I’ve already heard plenty of exciting opinions under my article from Wednesday. Reader Pure★Aqua ツ, for instance, has already bought all her gifts. Unbelievable, isn’t it?

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