Pixel Tablet could come with stylus to compete with 2022 iPad Pro

Google teased its Pixel Tablet during the I/O 2022 event earlier in May. However, most of the hardware details and features have been left out – except for the design, where the company showcased the thick bezels and rounded corners of the tablet. Today, a new listing has been uncovered that suggests a surprising feature of Google’s tablet.


  • Google teased the Pixel Tablet this month.
  • The Pixel Tablet could boast stylus pen compatibility.
  • Google is expected to release its Pixel Tablet in 2023 with Android 13 OS.

According to the finding of NuGiz, a Google tablet with the codename Tangor was spotted on the Universal Stylus Initiative (USI) website. This presumably confirms that this tablet is already certified to be stylus or pen compliant out of the box by the organization.

The listing didn’t mention any specific name for the device. But the only probable candidate is none other than the Pixel Tablet. The company has iterated during the event that they are designing its tablet to be the “most helpful” one in the world. Accompanying it with stylus support at launch makes more sense.

More advanced stylus pens coming to Pixel devices?

It is not clear if the Pixel Tablet will come with the recent USI 2.0 inking system that was introduced to Chromebooks earlier this year. For reference, USI 2.0 brings wireless charging and support for up to 16 million colors for pens compared to the 256 colors available with the older version.

While Samsung is a member of USI, the Galaxy Tab S8 and other Galaxy tablets still use an S Pen which is based on its custom design. The same goes for Apple’s Pencil that works with the latest tablets of the Cupertino company such as the iPad Air (2022) and iPad Pro 3rd generation.

But regardless of the capability, do you think the stylus support on the Pixel Tablet is another reason to consider buying it? Let us know in the comment section.

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