Pixel 7 Pro’s durability test shows a shocking flaw with its design

Whether you’re still planning to own a Pixel 7 (Pro) or already rocking one, you might need to consider putting a tough case on it. A popular YouTube channel has revealed that the new metal camera hump on the Pixel 7 Pro is easily scratched despite appearing solid outside.


  • Google’s Pixel 7 Pro barely survived a durability test.
  • The new metal camera hump is revealed to be prone to scratches.
  • It is advised to put a case to avoid abrasion on the overtime.

Youtuber Jerry Rig Everything does not provide laboratory-level testing, its procedures are quite proven to mimic the stresses and damages our smartphones may endure from daily usage. In his latest video, he puts the Google Pixel 7 Pro under the wraps of its infamous bend test and cutter knife.

Although the premium flagship of the search giant overall (almost) survived the different levels of endurance and toughness trial, there’s one key part that was revealed to get the most unintended damage—which is the metal camera hump at the back.

Like most anodized aluminum, the visor of the device was shown to easily get damaged and scratched with the most common trinkets such as coins and keys in the pocket. In the video, abrasion starts to be noticeable even with rubbing a key on the bulging camera island. It gets worse when sharper objects, resulting in deeper dents.

Instead, he suggests that a protective case should be fitted that wraps the entire metal visor of the Pixel 7 or Pixel 7 Pro. Alternatively, if you don’t want to use bulky casing, there are available stickers with only the caveat of a laborious installation process compared to snapping on rubber protection.

In your case, do you prefer to use a case on a smartphone? We’d love to hear your opinion on this matter. 

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