Pixel 6 is legit a flagship killer and could be the potential phone of the year

I am loving my pixel 6. It's the smartest smartphone I have ever owned. The whole Google rich features are just so useful and everyday I keep discovering new features. Sad that a telephoto is the main lacking feature to complete the definition of a flagship killer. I got it for 649 euros and it's a true value king. Android 12 is also a huge leap. Honestly, I am happy I didn't go for iOS when I was thinking of changing my 4 year old OnePlus 5.

I highly recommend this phone. You will not be disappointed at all. What a phone can offer at that price point is to wake up and see how overly priced are phones these days. 600-700 euros a couple of years back meant a flagship. That Steve Jobs company has an aggressive control over the pricing in the market.

Cheers. Just wanted to share my thoughts !

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