OnePlus Warp 50W Wireless Charger is Now Available at Giztop for $79

Attention readers! OnePlus Warp Charge 50W Wireless Charger is now available at Giztop for $79.

oneplus warp 50

OnePlus Warp 50 is a 50W fast charging wireless charger. This device fully charges your OnePlus 9 Pro from 1% to 100% in just 43 minutes and supports EPP 15W/ BPP 5W wireless Qi charging. With an aesthetically pleasing design and a gorgeous white body, this stylish wireless charger supports both horizontal and vertical charging positions, thanks to its dual coil charging system. However, the highlight feature of this charger lies in its silent mode where the power goes below 15W and fan speed is reduced to keep emitted noise below 23dB. In this mode, the brightness of the indicator light is also significantly reduced.

oneplus warp 501

The smart wireless charger learns from the user’s habits and adapts to automatically enter silent mode during hours when it is normally not in use, and for those who do not want to depend on the auto function, the charger also comes with a timer setting wherein you can set a timer to switch it off.

OnePlus Warp 50 Wireless Charger is now available at Giztop for $79 only. So go grab your wireless charger while the stock lasts. 

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