Oclean deals for Double Eleven will blow you away

Discounts during the Double Eleven shopping event are usually among the best for the whole year. So getting your desired products in this time period is highly recommended. Most of the brands and sellers will try to offer some really juicy prices and extra bonuses on top of that. Guys from the Oclean brand are no different and they have have prepared for us some nice promo choices to snap up. Dental hygiene with modern technology gets easier, so make sure to get some of their offerings on 11.11.

Oclean as a brand is fully devoted to provide professional & smart oral care and their portfolio has everything from this category. Ranging from sonic electric toothbrushes, through portable oral irrigators to sterilizers for disinfection. All of their products are always combining advanced features with unique aesthetic design.  And the company is reaping design awards for it all along the way. Getting elite level of home dental care has never been easier. So what they have to offer for the upcoming Double Eleven days ?

Oclean X Pro

Let’s start with top of their lineup, sonic electric toothbrush Oclean X Pro. It features innovative 0.96-inch color touchscreen LCD display for easier and intuitive operation. And of course it provides thorough cleaning experience with its maglev brushless motor delivering 42.000rpm. You can also choose from 3 high-performance modes and 32 intensivities. And with upgraded blind-zone detection the toothbrush will make sure you never miss a spot. Super battery life with about 30 days on a single charge is nice to have too. For the 11.11 promo event the price will be temporarily slashed to just $56.65.

Oclean Air 2

For those seeking an ultra silent electric toothbrush model, there is the Oclean Air 2. With OriginalPure Tone ultrasonic noise reduction technology the noise will be kept under 45dB at all times. It’s light and portable with just 95g and you are getting a travel case with it too. Also featuring Pedex diamond bristles for the careful cleaning and easy controls with one-button operation. And during Double Eleven you can find it for mere $29.99.

Oclean S1

Your toothbrushes can also surely use handy Oclean S1 sterilizer to keep them clean and safe. It uses strong UVC-LED disinfection, effectively killing 99.99% of bacterias and viruses. With auto-sterilizing mode for 2 minutes every 6 hours it’s also super convenient. You can store and disinfect several toothbrushes at once, so it can serve your whole household. And the design inspired by 1909 antique Emeralite Lamp is certainly pleasing to the eye. Priced only at $19.99 for the event, it’s a worthy piece to grab.

Oclean W10

Last, but not least comes the Oclean W10 oral irrigator. With five distinctive flossing modes you can choose the ideal one for your teeth and gum sensitivity. Throrough cleaning is guaranteed by the pulse technology and maglev motor, delivering 1400 pulses per minute and 0.6mm powerful waterjet. With 15s zone switch reminder timer you will make sure to clean everything properly. The 200ml detachable water tank is a nice touch too. And the battery should last for up to four weeks between charges. The price will fall to just $49.99 during 11.11 shopping days, so check it out.

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