Not yet forgotten: Samsung issues software update for Galaxy S7 and S8

Samsung still has remaining assurance left for its abandoned Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S8 users. In a surprise move, the Korean giant rolled out software updates for the discontinued models that were launched in 2016 and 2017, respectively. Although it is not the big Android or security upgrade most of the users are expecting to, nonetheless, the latest releases are aimed at fixing and improving the GPS on these devices. 


  • Samsung surprises Galaxy S7 and S8 users with a new update.
  • The latest software update will address the GPS issues and performance.
  • Samsung is planning to release the same software update for the Galaxy S6.

No one anticipated Samsung to provide extended support for its dated devices. The Galaxy S7 received its last major update back in November last year, while the Galaxy S8‘s last software release was only this April 2021 before they finally stripped off from any security patches and software support.

The new software versions are to address the GPS issues on the Galaxy S7 and S8 lineups and nothing more. Users of the Galaxy S7, S7 mini, and S7 Edge are treated to a firmware version G93*FXXU8EVG3 which is relatively miniscule at 31 MB. On the other hand, the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus do have a much larger G95*FXXUCDVG4 firmware at 420 MB.

Samsung Galaxy S8 vs Galaxy S7 Edge
Comparison of Galaxy S8 vs S7 Edge / © NextPit

Discontinued Galaxy phones that will get the GPS update

Samsung is also planning to release the same update for the Galaxy S6. Moreover, the budget Galaxy J7 2015 has already received the said GPS fix. Samsung didn’t mention if it will issue similar assistance to the other older handsets like the recently discontinued Galaxy Note 9.

As extensive security and software support become selling points in iPhones and other Apple devices, manufacturers are starting to introduce multi-year Android upgrades and security patches. For instance, the recently launched Nothing Phone 1 is advertised to get three major OS upgrades and for years of updates. Meanwhile, the Galaxy S22 is promised with four years of updates while Google’s Pixel 6 will get up to five.

Are you one of the users who still rock an old Galaxy smartphone? Let us know which model is that in the comment section.

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