NextPit’s 2021 recap: The tops and flops of the year

Even though we always talk about “our” recommendations in best lists and other articles, opinions in the NextPit editorial team often diverge. So I fired up the editorial video camera and asked Camila Rinaldi, Zois Bekios, Antoine Engels, Stefan Moellenhoff, Fabien Roehlinger, Johanna Schmidt, Casi Drees, Rubens Eishima, and myself the highlights and low points of the past year!

As you might know, NextPit has editors working in different countries. Rubens lives in Denmark, Florian Philon in Congo and Casi in Dortmund. That’s why I like to use opportunities where we all meet as an editorial team to drag my colleagues in front of the camera. At the Christmas party, the question was concerning the best and worst tech moments of 2021!

So sit back and watch the embedded video. Since I love that we speak so many languages at NextPit, I asked the questions in each editor’s native language. So you will have to live with subtitles, but you will feel the specialness that accompanies us every day at work.

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Do you agree with our choices? If so, you can tell me your opinions in our comment section on this page. Also, come Friday, we will make a poll asking about your highlights and low points of the year. 

With this article, I wish you a happy new year and above all, a good start in 2022! Enjoy watching the video!

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