NextPit photo contest: Share best clicks from your smartphone and win!

Hello NextPit Community! May is here, and we decided to come up with a NextPit photo contest. The aim is simple. We want you to submit what you think are the best photos you captured on your smartphone.

The exciting thing about it: The competition is open for our readers across the world!

NextPit photo contest: How to enter

  • Deadline: 31 May
  • Conditions of participation: Your own pictures – taken with your smartphone
  • Restrictions: No pornographic content, no violence, no pictures of third parties without consent.

You have the whole month of May to take a suitable picture with your smartphone. If you are satisfied and want to send in your potential winning photo, you can do so conveniently via our forum. There are forum threads in each country where you can upload your photo. Important: Please always mention your mobile phone model!

Post the deadline on May 31st, we will select ten pictures from all submissions and put them to the jury in our poll of the week. Meaning, in the end, you will decide which international photo has won!

Is there anything to win?

The focus of our photo contest should of course be the photos! Therefore, the winning picture will be displayed on all NextPit domains, and you will also see your picture on our social channels as well.

Additionally, there will be a small surprise package if your photo actually makes it to the first place! Of course, we’re not revealing what’s inside just yet, but you’re also invited to share and connect with the NextPit community.

We’re sure you’ll find some tips on how to take better photos with your mobile phone, so you can take even better pictures at the next photo contest. Last but not least, the whole thing should be fun, of course!

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