Nanoleaf’s first Matter-enabled smart bulbs and light strip start at $20

Nanoleaf has unveiled its new lineup of smart lights under its Essential sub-brand. It consists of A19, GU10, and B30 smart bulbs and a light strip—which all support the newly launched Matter standard. With Matter, these smart lights can work without a hub and will support multi-admin function on top of the interoperability between different providers and apps.


  • Nanoleaf announced its first smart Essential lights compatible with Matter.
  • The smart bulbs and a light strip can be set up without a hub.
  • Nanoleaf’s Essential Matter-ready smart bulbs start at $20 and will launch in February 2023.

Starting with the Essential RGBW bulbs, these come with Thread mesh technology while all three can project 16 million color selections. Users can set up the bulbs regardless of the smart home platform they are using. For instance, any of the bulbs can be added on an iPhone running iOS 16.1 with no required hub or Homepod speaker.

More Matter features

Alternatively, Matter is leveraging multi-admin support. Google and Samsung announced that they have initiated a partnership in which a smart device like the Nanoleaf A19 with Matter can be easily synchronized from a SmartThings app going to Google Home, and vice versa. However, it is up to the different vendors to implement such a feature. 

At the same time, the Essential Lightstrip gets the same advantages ranging from tunable white color temperature and Thread. There is also a wired remote connected for quick adjustments and mode options.

Nanoleaf Essential Lightstrip and Smart Bulbs with Matter
Nanoleaf’s Matter-enabled Essential bulbs and light strip / © Nanoleaf

Nanoleaf suggests that you need to have the Nanoleaf app for deeper customizations of these smart lights. Likewise, the app from other providers will only offer basic functions like scheduling.

Nanoleaf Essential bulbs and light strip availability and pricing

Nanoleaf’s Matter-enabled lighting will start at $20 all the way to $100. You will need to wait a little longer as the company says they will be available in February 2023. Lastly, it also plans to highlight these Matter products at CES in 2023.

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