My Experience With OnePlus (why to stay away from OnePlus phones)

TL;DR: I have a OnePlus 8pro bought in October 2020. The display started going crazy two weeks ago. Repair wants 300€ to fix it, the reason is that water damage are not cover by warranty. My phone has never been immerged in water, I just touched it a couple of time with wet hands (to pick a phone call). Support says it is perfectly normal that the phone can be damaged by wet hands and it's my fault.


My first OnePlus was a OnePlus One and I had to struggle to get the invite to have it. Since then, I have suggested the brand to everyone I know, stating that it is the best Android phone out there.

On October I decided to buy a new phone. I never spent more than 300/400€ on a phone because I think I don't need anything fancy, just something that works. Anyway, my initial idea was to buy a OnePlus North, that looked like the perfect trade off between price and specs. The only thing that made me change my mind was the lack of a good IP classification, and I thought that after 6 months locked into my room due to Covid, I deserved once in life to have a phone able to take a shot underwater (you never know, a swim pool o whatever). So I decided to go for OnePlus 8 Pro, paying around 1k€ for it and telling myself this was the one time in life a spend so much money on a phone.

The Story

Three weeks ago, after a rainy day, my phone screen started flickering and turning to green. The day after it turned to black and staied all black for two days. The display eventually started working again, but the touchscreen was super messed. I reached the support, opened a case, and after 3 days of nothing, they finally came picking my phone.

Yesterday I received a 300€ quotation to fix the display, since water damage is not covered by warranty. I spent one hour speaking with an operator that didn't speak Italian clearly and asked me to point him on the page where it is stated that the phone is IP68, since he wasn't aware of that.

After that I sent two email, one to the Italian support and one to the global support. In both email I was explaining that the worst I did with my phone was picking a call with wet hands, and for an IP68 phone it is senseless that water can go in, so the problem for me was with the phone itself, not so IP68.

The Italian support replied with an email in a language that is close to Italian, but not Italian at all. Global support replied in English, stating the following

We are sorry to inform you that unfortunately the IP rating can also be affected if the device is dropped or met with liquid damage.

Using the device with wet hands may also cause liquid damage as the water may caused damage to the sensors.

However the repair can be processed by paying the quotation or you can simply reject the quotation and the device will be sent back to you.

Currently I am only struggling to understand if I want to spend 300€ to fix that phone, or spend 300/400 on another phone from another brand, since I can't imagine myself puring my 1k€-phone in water when I had to pay 300€ for two drops of water from my hands. I think this is so disappointing that my story with OP ended yesterday. I am telling this to all the people I meet just to clarify that OP WAS the best phone brand out there, now they have the worst support I ever had to deal in my life and poor quality on phones.

Any advice would be helpful (on what to do, or on a new phone to buy).

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