MagDart is here: Realme’s MagSafe clone manages 50 watts

Realme has just introduced its alternative to MagSafe. This is a wireless charging technology that positions the charger on the phone via magnets. While Apple’s standard only manages 15 watts, Realme’s version shines with 50 watts. Beyond that, there are some interesting accessory ideas.

After many rumors and a first official confirmation, Realme has just presented “MagDart” at the Magnetic Innovation Event. This is a new charging standard that works wirelessly and positions itself on the phone via magnet. The concept is very similar to Apple’s MagSafe charging technology, which the manufacturer introduced with the iPhone 12 in 2020.

Compared to MagSafe, however, MagDart is significantly more powerful. For example, Realme presented a charger that can charge a cell phone with over 50 watts. However, for this, Realme has to integrate fans into the charger, making it quite large overall. In addition to the 50-watt charger, however, there is also a variant that works with 15 watts. With 3.9 millimeters, it is almost 25 percent thinner than Apple’s charger.

Exciting accessories thanks to 500 grams payload

In addition to the two chargers, Realme has also announced other accessories. Since the MagDart magnets can carry a maximum of 500 grams, it is possible to attach a ring light to the phone in addition to a powerbank and a wallet. The so-called “Beauty Light” works with 60 magnets and can be flipped up for selfies.

MagDart NExtPit
These accessories will be available for MagDart. / © Realme

If you have been thinking about buying the Realme GT in the past weeks, you now have one more argument! Because for the current Realme flagship, there will be a case to buy that will make the phone compatible with MagDart.

When exactly Realme will sell the new charging technology is unclear so far. However, along with MagDart, Realme also announced the Realme Flash, which natively supports the charging standard. Possibly we will see a presentation of the phone soon, and then maybe get more info about the release of MagDart.

If you are interested in MagDart, you should also keep an eye on this article. Because I was able to send some questions to Realme before the event. I’m still waiting for feedback and will add to this article as soon as I can!

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