looking to replace my huawei mya L41

hello, i'm in europe, and i'm getting a bit tired of my huawei. it still works, but it has it's shortcomings. gets clogged with content constantly, duplicates numbers i never asked for, camera mode is extremely slow to trigger.

So i went and looked at rebuilt phones and budget units under 200. i know i'm going to break it, so no way i'm giving it more.

goals are relatively simple: i want to run gameboy emulators and take decent-ish pictures, and i want 30 gb of music in the thing. would be bliss if it takes more than mp3… dont care about bluetooth, 5G… just want to be able to snap pictures and have a decent compass/gps/level in the thing. and also, no apple.

Samsung galaxy S7 G930F: really fits my budget (does upgrade over, later android gen, better cpu, same/better Sd slot, IP68, double the internal memory…) but it's old.

Huawei P10-20-40: even later gen android, but well, not sure i want to continue with them. seems that either of the three are around the same (deal/rebuilt)

Galaxy A02s +5000Mah, far more recent, but down on ram..

Realme 7: the most ram so far. what is it worth? dont know that brand.

Xiaomi Redmi note 10 (absolute max budget) about the same as the realme.

TCL 20: on heavy discount, but what is that brand? also marginal upgrade, aside android 11.

Motorola moto G10: seems low end. same issue with TCL.

made a mistake with the flair. sorry. misunderstood how it works.

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