Latest Google Home update delivers live data usage charts to Nest Wifi owners

The Google Home app is getting an update to version 2.34 today in the wake of the debut of the new Nest Hub — namely, the app has been made to support said new device as well as a couple of other more features if you’re in a Google Workspace or own a Google Wifi or Nest Wifi mesh network.

9to5Google has picked up on strings in the app’s code featuring prompts crafted around the second-gen Nest Hub’s Sleep Sensing feature which appears to have been called “twilight” internally. Here’s a formatted example:

<string name=”gae_twilight_disturbance_opt_in_title”>Track sound events like your coughing or snoring</string>

Other messages include:

Track your sleep, breathing, and the light and temperature in the room to better understand your sleep

Your Nest Hub does not have a camera. It uses [device name]’s low-power radar to detect movement and breathing. No distinguishable images of your body or face are generated or used for Sleep Sensing and Motion Sense.

Get personalized sleep suggestions from Google Fit

Quick Gestures use [device name] to allow you to control your Nest Hub with hand motions instead of touching your device. If you turn this feature on, anyone with access to your device can use it, for example, by tapping the air in front of the display to play and pause media, or by swiping to dismiss ringing timers and alarms.

The new update also brings new messaging to those who register devices to Home with a Google Workspace email:

Your administrators can also disable your ability to access Nest devices and services at any time.

The administrator of this account will be able to have full access to this home using this account…

Joining a home using a corporate Google Workspace account with external administrators is not recommended.

And then there’s the most noticeable payload: a much-needed data usage tracker for Google Wifi and Nest Wifi network owners.

Real-time graphs give live throughput data and can be parsed down to the mesh point or device level. Historical usage charts are also available with ranges of 1 day, 7 days, or 30 days. Plus, the log of previous speed tests now includes 15 instead of six entries.

Google Home v2.34.1.12 is rolling out via the Play Store. You can grab it at APK Mirror.

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