iPhone 13 Pro or Pixel 6 Pro? Day-to-day life experience

Hi Guys!

I'm currently in the process to get a new phone and not keeping my current phone. After a thorough investigation, these two phones seems ideal for me but I have no idea how to compare them. I see a lot of different reviews one saying P6pro is the best and the other one the iPhone.
They also talk about specs but I feel like it is not really representative from the real experience.

I've always been in the apple ecosystem but I don't mind switching
I've seen as well some battery issue toward P6pro but some people says it's great and some other are actually returning their phone because of that…
Camera: I do feel it's roughly the same but maybe more modes with Pixel
Price difference of course..
The P6pro curvy screen. How does this work with a screen protector + case?

I don't know if you had a similar thought and if you went from one side or the other but I'd love to hear your experience!


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